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DUI Classes Including Education & Treatment Programs


What You Need To Know About DUI 

What is DUI?

Kentucky law states:   “Operating a motor vehicle with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of or above 0.08, or of or above 0.02 for persons under age twenty-one, or while under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or other substance which impairs driving ability.” (189A.010)

DUI Offenses In Kentucky

For a 1st offense DUI:   Kentucky law requires an assessment and an education or treatment program. If education is appropriate, Kentucky’s standard is twenty (20) hours of alcohol and other drug education. If further assessment or treatment is appropriate then the amount of treatment, determined at the time of the assessment, must be completed in order for Kentucky to clear the individual’s driving record. Kentucky’s maximum period of time for a 1st offender to be in treatment is ninety (90) days.

For 2nd and subsequent DUI offense(s) within a five-year period, Kentucky law requires an assessment and completion of a year-long treatment program.

DUI Classes Paducah KY

How We Can Help

EnSite provides DUI assessments ($75.00) by appointment, 20-hour education, and outpatient treatment. These classes all meet the state requirements* for license reinstatement.

1st DUI / Prime for Life:  20-hour adult education program created to help participants examine and change high-risk behavior. This class costs $225.00 and consists of seven (7) sessions covering approximately 2 weeks and 1 day. A certified instructor holds classes Sunday 2p – 5p, Monday 5p – 8p, & Tuesday 5p – 8p. (schedule subject to change at any time.)

Multiple DUIs:   Classes meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:00 PM and cost $25.00.

IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Program, is offered to adults on a flexible schedule.